Email Marketing

Keep track of your audience and promote your business with the help of Email Marketing

What is the best way to keep a close eye on your clients and gain brand recognition?

Obviously, you can’t keep up with a door-to-door visit in this era, in fact, it will pretty much qualifies for stalking. And we all can agree how irritating it is to receive insurance policies over phones. It is a strict no-no. So, what option are you left with, which is effective as well? Simple! By their emails.

So, how does email marketing work?

When your clients or potential clients visit your websites, you record their email ids in your database. You can use this interface later to send commercial messages to this group of people. In this way, you can attract them to the new offers and deals that you provide in your business.

Now in case you wonder, how effective it will be? The answer is very effective. If you are in doubt- look around you, everyone is having at least one email id. Well, you are likely to find out that most of them has multiple email ids, one in each domain.

Email Marketing enhances the business communication and it is particularly helpful as it specifically target the key markets. It is environmentally friendly (as it is paperless) and cost-effective (as you can skip bulks of printing). It is also important since it helps to build customer loyalty, along with getting brand recognition. It is a convenient way to stay connected to your clients while simultaneously promoting your business.

We owe a lot to the email marketing software that enables you to trace and filter the database of the clients based on the duration they spent on your sites and as per their taste and preference.

At, Purpple Designs, we offer Email Marketing as a part of social marketing. Our professionals help you to target your audience and achieve desired results.

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